Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Orange is In, You Know?

This year, like last, the "In" color was a coral or orange.  At least that was what I was told while I was shopping for clothes.  And by the way, I really don't like to shop for clothes.  It is such a struggle.  Just give me a pair of jeans and a sweat shirt.  Suits me just fine.  But I digress......I am loving Sunset in these two paper packs.   On the left is Claire, paired with Cashmere and Outdoor Denim.  I love that combo of colors.

And the card on the right is Buzz and Bumble.  Don't you think the honeycomb paper goes well with the bee from Pun Fun (C1505)?  I also used Hemp Baker's Twine found in the Mini Medley Accents Wooden Collection (Z1837).  It has a whole different feel.  

Thanks for looking!

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