Monday, April 5, 2010

Another Card with Flower Pot

This is an 8 1/2 by 3" card made using the "Roundabout" pattern from Wishes. I used the same colors as the card in the previous post. Colors used are Spring Iris, Sweet Leaf, Blush and Creme Brulee. The patterened paper is from the Daydream paperpack. I also used Blush ribbon and our tiniest Just Blooms paper flowers. They come in a bulk pack of different sizes and these were dyed Blush using Blush Reinker and a bit of water.
Here is a close up of the flowers. To dye paper flowers:
Take a Craft Jar Z188 and put a few drops of reinker in the bottom. Add a few drops of water to this. The intensity of the color will be determined by how much reinker you use. With these little flowers it doesn't take too much liquid.
Just drop the flowers in for a couple of seconds till they color, then use tweezers and remove from the dye.
Dry on paper towels
Add to your artwork
Just as simple as that!

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